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Woodinville Garage Doors | A good time to upgrade?

Most people that have a chain drive garage door opener have it because it’s economical, and it’s common.  Do you want to be economical and common, though?  Chances are, no; but more importantly, most owners of chain drive openers are actually unhappy with their garage door opener experience because of the level of noise that is produced from their opener.

Does this sound like you?  So how do you quiet down your opener experience while bucking society and choosing to be unique?

You can upgrade to a belt drive opener, which will do all of that for you, and then some.  Plus, they’ve come down so much in price since first being introduced that there’s no reason you should still have a chain drive opener!

Woodinville Garage Doors | How to choose the right Garage Door System

So, you went out to buy a nice new garage door and got confused with the intimidating variety of garage doors available in the market. You came back home and started to ponder over the style or type that suits your needs and budget the most. It is quite common for a homeowner to feel confused like you. However, you must remember that it happens only when you are not equipped with proper information and when you go out shopping for garage doors without doing appropriate research on your part. In general, there are four major types of garage doors – side-hung, roller, sectional and the up and over doors. Let us have a look at each one of these to understand them better.

Roller Garage Doors – these doors are great options for anyone who has a shorter driveway or who has problems with space. The roller doors are really simple and they would roll over a drum that is located at the top of the door opening. There is no kind of moving action or even reduction of width with these doors. However, these doors were not automated. Therefore, you would have to invest in a good gym to get enough muscle power to lift the door each time you wish to enter or leave the garage. The good news is that these doors are now automated and you can easily save the gym fees as well. They come with an automatic locking mechanism as well. The locking mechanisms are really safe as well. This is because the system is located inside the recess of the door. Therefore, the chances of harm are reduced manifold. They can be operated with the help of a remote control. You can also switch on the lights with the help of this remote. Hence, you would not only be able to enter the garage with ease but would also be able to exit without tumbling over any items stores in the garage.

Up and Over Garage Doors – these doors come with an outward swing that moves parallel to the ceiling of the garage. They can only be used in larger garages where this enough space for the swing.

Sectional Garage Doors – these doors come in large sections which open upwards and get stores in the ceiling space. Again, they need some more space than usual as they need to swing outwards.

Swing Hung- it looks exactly like a normal door that is hinged to the opening. These are often called “tilt-up” garage doors. They need space as they move outwards and your car might not even get ample space to stand if you have a narrow driveway.

Woodinville Garage Doors | Teach your children about garage door safety

Garage Door Children Safety

Educating your children about the dangers of a garage door is very important for your entire family’s well being. A garage door is a large moving object that can weigh up to 400 pounds. Every year children, pets and adults are injured in garage door related accidents. Most of these injuries could have been avoided by taking a few extra safety precautions to protect you and your family.

Children must understand that they should never play in the garage or around the garage door. Most importantly, they should never stand or run underneath a garage door, especially when the door is in motion.

Babies and garage Doors don't mix

Teach them to keep ther precious little fingers away from panels, joints, and all moving parts because a child could lose a limb or get seriously injured by the garage door.

Garage doors and the openers are not toys. Adults should not allow children to play with or touch the garage door remote controls, or push the wall control that operates the garage door opener.  The button for the wall control needs to be installed at least 5 feet off the floor; far out of reach from curious button-pushing children.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information conducted a report that concluded, “Since 1974, 85 children have died from being crushed by a closing garage door”. There is a great risk of danger from a garage door, and it is a parent’s responsibility to keep children out of harm’s way. The garage is part of your home, so eventually your child will find a way inside. Follow these safety tips to protect them, if and when they do discover the “outside’ of the house

Woodinville Garage Doors | How To Take Your Garage Door From EEK To CHIC

Your garage door plays a huge role in the appearance and safety of your home.  Not only does it contribute greatly to the aesthetic value of any house, it also ensures the protection of your home, your vehicles, and your family.

Why, then, do you completely forsake this precious metal gift?  Many don’t think twice about denting and damaging their garage doors by throwing inanimate objects at them.  The best thing you can do for your misused and neglected garage door is to treat it to a great, affordable garage door replacement!

Replacing your unattractive, outdated, sub par garage door with a beautiful, efficient one will do wonders for your house on various levels.

A new garage door is nearly silent, which can greatly intensify the level of serenity and peacefulness in your home.  For those who appreciate a great night’s sleep without interruption, a new garage door is exactly what you need.

Replacing your old garage door can also significantly increase your curb appeal and property value.  Consider that the garage door is a prominent feature on any house.  By installing a handsome metal or laminate garage door, you will immediately ramp up the appearance of your house.  Envision friends and family coming over for a dinner party and staring at your garage door, awe-struck by the sheer brilliance and beauty of it.  This could be your reality! Furthermore, with a reliable and durable garage door replacement such as ours, the value of your home will skyrocket Potential buyers and real estate agents alike will gladly raise their offer when the garage door is an appealing feature.

There isn’t enough to be said about the energy efficient qualities of modern garage doors.  Because of their newly engineered, lightweight design and protective insulation, our garage doors will help you to do your part in saving the environment.

Simply put, a garage door is an essential part of any home.  A new garage door is a way to change your home’s façade from “eek” to “chic.”

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