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Garage Door Children Safety

Educating your children about the dangers of a garage door is very important for your entire family’s well being. A garage door is a large moving object that can weigh up to 400 pounds. Every year children, pets and adults are injured in garage door related accidents. Most of these injuries could have been avoided by taking a few extra safety precautions to protect you and your family.

Children must understand that they should never play in the garage or around the garage door. Most importantly, they should never stand or run underneath a garage door, especially when the door is in motion.

Babies and garage Doors don't mix

Teach them to keep ther precious little fingers away from panels, joints, and all moving parts because a child could lose a limb or get seriously injured by the garage door.

Garage doors and the openers are not toys. Adults should not allow children to play with or touch the garage door remote controls, or push the wall control that operates the garage door opener.  The button for the wall control needs to be installed at least 5 feet off the floor; far out of reach from curious button-pushing children.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information conducted a report that concluded, “Since 1974, 85 children have died from being crushed by a closing garage door”. There is a great risk of danger from a garage door, and it is a parent’s responsibility to keep children out of harm’s way. The garage is part of your home, so eventually your child will find a way inside. Follow these safety tips to protect them, if and when they do discover the “outside’ of the house

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